Questions to ask Boston Wedding Photographer Hourglass Photography

Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

August 28, 2020

There are a lot of wedding photographers and it can be daunting to know which photographer is the best fit for you and your day, or even to know where to start. I want to share what I know to help you find a photographer that you can connect with and trust!

The photographer you work with should be happy to be transparent and answer all your questions, here are a few important ones you should make sure you get the answers to before you book.

Questions to ask Boston Wedding Photographer Hourglass Photography

When do I receive my photos?

You’re so excited, your wedding was a dream, and you can’t wait to relive it all! That’s what your photos are, they are your memories documented forever. Your photographer should be able to give you a clear outline of their post processing and delivery so you know what to expect.

I spend a lot of time selecting and editing the best of the best photos, handpicked for you to give you a complete story of your day! I edit and send your photos to you within eight weeks of your day (four weeks for a session)!

Questions to ask Boston Wedding Photographer Hourglass Photography

How many photos will I receive and do I need to pay per photo?

The amount of photos you receive will definitely vary per wedding/per session but you should be able to get a ballpark number from your photographer. This can have more of an impact on a session where it’s not uncommon to have a capped number of images or a session fee in addition to a fee to purchase images.

Every couple’s day is different and the amount of photos I deliver will capture your day’s story completely. I don’t limit the number of photos you receive or require a payment/photo. You can roughly expect about 80 photos/hour of coverage, that’s over 1 photo each minute!

Do you carry insurance?

Many venues require your creative team to carry insurance. It’s important you collaborate with a photographer that is insured so they are able to work with you at any venue you choose. It should also reassure you that they have an extra layer of protection.

Yes! I am insured and am happy to share this with your venue.

Questions to ask Boston Wedding Photographer Hourglass Photography

What is your approach to photography and your style?

Photographers can be very front-and-center or they can also be a fly on the wall, you want to understand your photographer’s approach and involvement in the day.

My approach is guided photo journalistic – I will let your day evolve naturally. The goal is for me not to clutter your moments or memories with instructions and poses but capture them authentically with gentle guidance. When it comes to portraits I guide you both through movements and emphasize your relationship and emotion, I won’t leave you stranded. Family photos – we make a plan together beforehand so they are enjoyable and efficient.

Most Importantly make sure that you have a connection with your photographer. You want to be able to trust them completely to capture your day. These are your important moments, not just an event for a photographer to check off their list, make sure they get to know you and how special your day is 🙂



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  2. Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for suggesting asking about when you can expect to receive your photos. I’ve been wondering what questions I should ask when we meet with our wedding photographer this weekend. I’ll be sure to include this one on my list for her.

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